It's Time To Master Earned Value Management in Microsoft Project!

A practical guide for construction project managers

EVM is way more than a calculation method

Earned Value Management (or EVM) is an excellent tool that helps you assess the true status of your project — both in terms of cost as well as schedule. And it is THE METHOD for communicating the project status to your clients in a way that is not overwhelming but clear and easy to visualize.

Theory is easy - but how do you use EVM in Microsoft Project?

The concepts behind Earned Value Management are pretty easy to understand. Applying Earned Value Management in Microsoft Project is a different story. In order to be able to track EVM metrics such as Planned Value (PV), Earned Value (EV) or Schedule Variance (SV) with Microsoft Project, your projects have to be set up the correct way, and all the prerequisites such as standard rates and working hours have to be in place for Project to be able to serve you with **CORRECT** EVM metrics!

This is why we have created a step-by-step guide for you.

With the help of seasoned construction PMs, we have created a 70-page e-Book that guides you through the entire process, from setting up your project, creating the schedule, adding resources to calculating the EVM metrics and visualizing the project metrics colored charts.

Introducing our new guide

Guide to Earned Value Management with Project Project 2019

Guide to Earned Value Management (EVM) with Microsoft Project 2019

How can the guide help you?

  • This is a very practical guide that helps you get started with EVM in Project quickly
  • The guide walks you through EVERY STEP, without skipping important details where you might get stuck.
  • The guide also covers the fundamentals of Microsoft Project from A-Z, so even if you are new to Project you can work through the guide without feeling overwhelmed.

What you will find in the guide:

  • Introduction
  • Why is Earned Value Management so useful?
  • Basic configuration of Microsoft Project
  • Setting up a custom calendar
  • Creating a Work Breakdown Structure
  • Adding dependencies
  • Entering working hours
  • Setting up resources (work resources, material resources, cost resources)
  • Creating a baseline for your project
  • Tracking the project
  • Using % Complete vs. Physical % Complete
  • Prerequisites for using EVM in Microsoft Project
  • Adjustments to the EVM table in Microsoft Project
  • Analysis of EVM metrics: Earned Value (EV), Actual Cost (AC), Schedule Variance (SV), Cost Variance (CV), Estimate At Completion (EAC), Baseline Cost (BAC), Variance at Completion (VAC), Schedule Performance Index (SPI), Cost Performance Index (CPI)
  • How EVM metrics change based on various kinds of updates (using a real-world example)
  • Visualizing EVM metrics in the Earned Value Graph of Microsoft Project
  • More than 80 screenshots and illustrations that visualize every step

Sample content

Sample page from Microsoft Project Guide to Earned Value Management (EVM)
Sample page from Microsoft Project Guide to Earned Value Management (EVM)
Sample page from Microsoft Project Guide to Earned Value Management (EVM)

Our satisfaction guarantee

No-risk guarantee: You can get a refund within 30 days after purchase if you are not satisfied with the EVM Guide

We worked hard to make this e-Book the best possible and most easy-to-understand tutorial on using EVM in Microsoft Project. Therefore, we are confident you will find the e-Book very useful.

However, if you feel that the e-Book is not what you were looking for, we are happy to return your investment within 30 days after purchase.

You could master EVM in Microsoft Project in just a few days!

  • 70+ page PDF
  • Takes you through the full cycle of setting up projects in Microsoft Project, tracking dates, hours and costs and calculating EVM metrics
  • Lots of calculation examples and graphs
  • NO RISK FOR YOU: If you don’t find the guide helpful, we’ll refund you the money within 30 days after purchase
requires Microsoft Project 2016 Professional or higher