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Hey there, do you work in IT? Are you often leading projects related to applications or infrastructure? Then you might like this site. This site was created by a former IT Project Manager, and it's packed with helpful resources. Whether you're in the planning stages, working on the implementation, or getting ready for the big go-live, we've got you covered for a successful and hassle-free project.

Project Playbooks

Implementing Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

Small and midsize companies looking to ditch manual, error-prone processes and boost productivity are increasingly turning to Microsoft’s cloud-based ERP. Business Central offers powerful features, but its implementation can be complex, especially as you add more modules. Why we’ve teamed up with BC implementation experts to create a straightforward playbook focused on the business side of things. It covers everything from gathering requirements to migration and go-live.

Implementing Salesforce Sales Cloud

Implementing Salesforce as a CRM can be confusing for companies, especially with the many features it now offers compared to its initial release. If your main focus is on using Salesforce for CRM purposes, our Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation Playbook could be just what you need. It includes key questions to help you define your future sales and CRM process, a crucial step to ensure Salesforce aligns with your needs.

Practical Guides

IT Projects: What Project Documents Should You Prepare?

If you are new to IT project management, the topic of project documentation can be overwhelming. Which documents should you create for your project? In this easy-to-follow guide, I’ll walk you through the recommended documents useful for most IT projects and I’ll explain their purpose.

IT Project Documentation - this article explains which documents you may need for your IT project

Bad Project Scope & Unrealistic Goals: What Should You Do?

What do you do if you have a project where the scope doesn’t fit the client’s wishes or just is not clearly defined? In this article, IT Project Manager Ken Tillery looks at examples of situations when the project scope was poorly defined or sponsors insisted on completely unrealistic dates.

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