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Are you working in a supply chain or logistics role? Are you frequently heading process improvement initiatives? Then you may find this page quite valuable. Here you can find step-by-step guides for common projects in supply chain as well as stories from fellow supply chain experts who share their experiences around current supply chain topics.

Project Playbooks

Moving To A New Warehouse

Moving to a new warehouse is a challenging undertaking. Detailed planning is essential, covering all activities such as transferring equipment, training staff, inventory counting and packing, and arranging for shipment and stocking at the new facility. It’s crucial to address these points upfront to maintain operational continuity during the transition. To assist with your relocation planning, logistics manager Ian Manlulu has created a detailed Warehouse Relocation Playbook, which provides a step-by-step process covering all critical areas.

Implementing a Warehouse Management System

Boosting productivity and improving transparency in inventory management: These are just two of the reasons why organizations opt for a WMS. Its implementation is usually tricky, because you are shaking up established (manual) processes that people are accustomed to. Our WMS Implementation Playbook provides you with a proven framework for this kind of project and help you ensure a smooth transition. Inside you’ll also find a collection of key questions to ask while defining your future process.

Warehouse background

Implementing an Inventory Management System

To eliminate Excel-based inventory management and improve accuracy in inventory tracking, many businesses go for an inventory management solution. While the technical implementation is usually driven by an external implementor, we recommend the overall project is coordinated by your own logistics team that is familiar with your specific processes. For the recommended steps of the implementation, including the responsibilities of the functional team, take a look at our Inventory Management Rollout Playbook, downloadable here.

Inventory Management Implementation: A Practical Roadmap for Small and Medium sized businesses

Changing Your Order Fulfillment Service Provider (3PL)

As a business grows or enhances its service portfolio, its requirements towards its fulfillment partners also change. Moving from your current fulfillment company to a new 3PL is a project that requires careful planning and coordination with the 3PL. Operations Manager Daniel Stock has managed several large-scale 3PL transitions, and he has documented his approach in a project playbook: The 3PL Implementation Playbook.

Screenshot of the 3PL implementation plan, which can be purchased on this page.

Practical Guides

A Simple Guide to E-Commerce Demand Planning

In practical terms, how do you forecast future demand for an e-commerce operation? What numbers do you need to gather? Logistics Expert Ian Manlulu has created a detailed guide on demand forecasting, with a fully calculated example involving a popular item sold online (guess which one). Learn what information you need for the analysis and how to project demand using Excel. Includes Ian’s demand forecasting template!

I have included the forecasting example in this spreadsheet.

Inventory Reconciliation: Aligning your Physical Inventory to your Inventory Record

Your actual stock levels in the warehouse don’t match the levels reported by your system? Then it’s time for inventory reconciliation! Learn how to deal with those nasty gaps in a structured way using our inventory reconciliation guide. Learn how to quickly identify the root causes of variances and perform the correct type of adjustment.

Inventory Reconciliation Guide - Featured image showing warehouse workers performing inventory count


Ian Manlulu

Ian Manlulu Logistics expertIan brings over a decade of Supply Chain Management expertise to the table. His journey spans 12 years across various sectors, particularly in multinational FMCG companies where he managed extensive warehouse operations. A pro in inventory, order, and transportation management, Ian is now channeling his rich experience into guiding a construction company’s operations where he handles forecasting product needs for multiple warehouses across several countries. [Ian’s LinkedIn profile]

Daniel Stock

Daniel Stock - Logistics ExpertDaniel Stock is a Senior Continuous Improvement and Lean Specialist, and he is the creator of several resources on Tactical Project Manager, including the 5S Launch Kit. Daniel has led numerous continuous improvement and manufacturing excellence initiatives for well-known companies including global deployments. Daniel follows a pragmatic and people-driven approach to continuous improvement, enabling him to foster a culture of excellence inside an organization, leading to lasting and measurable benefits for the company. [Daniel’s LinkedIn profile]