Announcing a change in project leadership (with email template)

It is not great, but it does happen.

One project manager is leaving a project, and you have to replace him or her with somebody else who — fingers crossed — can get the job done!

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The reasons for the change can be very different. The current project manager may decide he or she no langer wants to be involved with projects because the job is extremely demanding and you often have to sacrifice your personal life.

Or maybe the current project leader wasn’t a good fit for the job, and now you have to bring in a more experienced leader who can bring all parties together, overcome differences and push the team to reaching the milestones that have been set.

Whatever the reason for the change may be, you always should make sure work is handed over properly and EVERYBODY involved in the project is aware of the leadership change.

To make your life easier ….

I have put together an email template you can use for announcing the project manager change.

This how we typically communicated personal changes in the companies I’ve  worked for:

Communicating a change in project leadership (email template):

Dear all,

Effectively 1-July 2021, Susan Lee will take over the project leadership for the M.E.G.A. implementation project. She will continue the work of Frank Miller, who has done an outstanding job getting the project launched. Frank will be joining Sales as Head of Technical Sales.

Susan has spent most of her career in finance with a brief stint in corporate communications. Susan will be joining IT as a Global Implementation Lead beginning of June. With her extensive business background and leadership experience, Susan will be a great addition to the IT team.

Please join me in welcoming Susan, and let’s give her all the support she needs in her new role!

Frank Smith

Director Group IT


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