Team Resource Planning Template

An Excel solution for the well-organized team lead​

Is your team caught up in dozens of projects? Then you need a good way to manage your team’s work assignment and workload. Otherwise your subordinates will think ‘I could do this better!‘.

With the resource planning template, you’ll always know what your team is working on. And you know when there’s a bottleneck or which of your team members has available capacity.

How the planner can help you

  • Plan tasks and projects for every employee
  • Monitor workload for your team
  • Helps you avoid overloading your employees

A Clean and Easy to Use Planning Sheet

Picture of the Team resource planning sheet
  • Weekly planning

    Plan for every week the assignment of your team members to tasks and projects. Enter holidays so you know when you when work has to be reassigned.

  • Track work percentages

    Plan your team's work using percentages. Assign a percentage every week and check the totals to make sure nobody is overloaded or idling around.

  • 3 years covered

    Covers 2020-2022. You can easily add more years or adapt the sheet for future years.

  • Flexible

    Add as many team members as you like. Add any number of tasks or projects per employee.

  • Easy to customize

    You can easily extend and customize the sheet for your specific needs. Add more columns. Change colors. Include graphs showing the team utilization. All this can be achieved easily.

  • Simple but powerful

    The planner does not use any complicated macros or anything that would require IT support. Anyone who is familiar with Excel and summing up values can work with it.

Watch the team planner in action

It’s very easy to use:

  1. Enter your team members into the sections.
    You can add additional details like employee number. If needed, you can also add extra columns to the sheet, for example to include the job title or other information.
  2. Assign projects and tasks
    Below every employee, write down the tasks or projects of that person. Assign a work percentage for every week. Always include some percentage for general office work and meetings. You can see how we’ve done this in the screenshot above.
  3. Check the total workload for every employee
    Every full time team resource should be working at 100% – 110% capacity. By looking at the totals, you can easily find out what week a specific person is overloaded or underutilized.


  • Be a well-organized leader
  • Know what your team is working on
  • Avoid resource bottlenecks and overloading of resources
  • Start planning right away!

Get the team planner for Excel

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