Earned Value Management Exercises with Answers!

Hi! I’m excited to help you with EVM/EVA. My content has become mandatory reading at universities around the globe, and I’m a bit proud about it!

What was missing: I didn’t have any exercises to give you

Finally, I sat down over the weekend and created a complete set of Earned Value Management exercises with answerswhich you can download here!

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Munich, Germany

Introducing the EVM Exercise Pack!

A large collection of exercises with answers
Adrian holding the Earned Value Management Exercises and Answers PDF (you can get it here)

Go beyond just memorizing formulas

With the help of my EXERCISE PACK, you will not just become comfortable with the formulas and the calculation of the various metrics like PV, EV, SPI or CPI. 

You will develop an instinctive understanding of the metrics, their meaning and how they are calculated. You will find it much easier to solve any exam question and to translate exam problems into the right mathematical equations.

For work or for your PM exam

The exercises are designed both for project managers who want to apply EVM at work, and also for students and other test takers who want to pass their PM exam or certification test at the first round.

EVM does not have to be hard!

When I look at EVM material on the web, I am always surprised at how complicated people are making the topic. Many instructors just repeat complicated definitions they have picked up somewhere else, without giving you the true and deeper meaning behind EVM and its metrics. That’s why on my EVM Cheat Sheet (which you can get here too) and for the exercises, I am using very simple and easy-to-follow language.

How you can benefit:

By practicing EVM with my EXERCISE PACK:

  • You will develop an instinctive understanding of EVM
  • You will be able to say the formulas in seconds
  • You will get very comfortable with solving EVA/EVM problems
  • You will enjoy solving more problems, more, more 🙂


A few sample pages to show you what the exercises looks like:

Answers / solutions are included on the last page!

No risk for you!

No-risk guarantee: You can get a refund within 30 days after purchase if you are not satisfied with the EVM GuideI put a lot of effort into putting together the exercises. If you still feel it’s not what you were looking for, I’m happy to give you back your investment within 30 days after purchase.

Get the EVM Exercise Pack


  • 36 exercises (easy to difficult)
  • With solutions
  • 17-page PDF
  • Train your conceptual understanding
  • Master the formulas


  • 36 exercises (easy to difficult)
  • With solutions
  • 17-page PDF
  • Train your conceptual understanding
  • Master the formulas
  • my EVM Cheat Sheet with all metrics and formulas summarized on 1 page
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About me

I’m Adrian Neumeyer, a former Senior IT Project Manager and founder of Tactical Project Manager. I think EVM is an amazing tool for communicating the project progress to clients, and every project manager should understand how to use it.