"I want to be on your next project!"

That's what you'll hear when you know how to lead. My name is Adrian and I'll make you a true (project) leader. I'm teaching project management and leadership in a unique way:
  • learn project management using real examples
  • learn how to influence people
  • 100% actionable advice
  • become happier and more productive

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Welcome to tacticalprojectmanager.com!

You might have a few questions at the top of your mind such as:

  • How do I break into project management with no prior experience?
  • I never know if I’m doing it right or wrong. What should I focus on in my project?
  • I recently became a project manager. I need someone help me through this tough first year.

Take a deep breath. I was in the same position as you. I transitioned internally into a PM position. I struggled quite a bit with my first project. However, over time I got really great at managing projects and quickly built up a reputation as a trusted project leader who could get things done. I want to show you how you can achieve the same development.

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What you’ll find on tacticalprojectmanager.com

  • How to manage a project
  • How to manage people
  • How to handle difficult situations (escalations, delays etc.)
  • How to communicate effectively

  • How to improve your social skills
  • How to build trust with your team
  • Articles about business skills

and a lot more …

About me

Hi! I’m Adrian and I work as an IT project manager. As someone who has been leading projects for a long time, it is my goal to make you a great project manager. To guide you from absolute beginner to a self-confident leader.