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Managing projects is hard. You never know if you’re doing the right thing or not.

Sometimes you just want to crawl under the table. “I don’t want to deal with that!”. But you know you HAVE to.

Let me help you.

I’ll show you how to run a project you can be proud of.

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About Tactical Project Manager

At you will learn the fundamentals of project management. From the basics like creating a sound project plan, getting the needed resources and organizing meetings that are no time-wasters to hands-on tips for being more assertive and getting people to do the work you expect from them.

Unlike other project management blogs, I don’t just give you abstract concepts. I want to help you do your job well, and that’s why all material is about actionable methods which help you be more effective in what you do.

My tips will help you leave the office at 5

Resources and templates

Here you find project management templates for creating a project plan, tracking open issues and more.

project plan template

Do you want to get into project management?

Every job gets boring after a while! Maybe it’s time for you to try out something new? Many ambitious engineers and IT consultants choose to get into project management. Demanding as the job may be, it is also very exciting and offers tremendous opportunities to grow personally.

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About me

Hey there! I’m Adrian, the owner of this blog and IT project manager by profession. Today I’m managing multi-million $ projects, but it wasn’t always like that! My first years as a PM were tough and I didn’t know what to focus on. With this blog I want to help you get confident in your role so that you can manage a project you can be proud of.

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