Project Playbooks & Project Plans

The warehouse move project plan template provides detailed steps for all planning activities
Our Project Playbooks are plans and templates which provide you with the steps you need to take for common project types. Built by experts in the particular field, the playbooks provide you a foundation for planning out your specific project.

The idea

  • You have been assigned a new project in an area you are not familiar with​
  • You are not sure how to get started and what activities need to be performed​
  • You download one of our sample project plans for the type of project you are doing. The project plan gives you the exact steps of the project — in the right order.

Available Project Playbooks & Project Plans


Implementing an ERP Solution: A Generic Project Plan

A detailed outline of the steps to be taken for a typical ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system implementation, including the migration from a legacy system. Covers the entire cycle from project initiation and scoping to go-live and stabilization.

Available via instant download!

Salesforce Sales/Service Cloud Implementation

This project plan contains all steps of a typical Salesforce rollout in a midsize company – from project initiation to go-live, lessons learned and project closing – approximately 70 actionable steps. The schedule follows a hybrid approach – Waterfall-like phases and individual activities who ideally are carried out in an agile way.

Available via instant download!

Dynamics 365 Business Central Implementation Playbook

Covers a complete Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central implementation and migration from a legacy system. Includes component setup, test planning and execution, training, go-live and post-golive steps.

Available via instant download!

Warehouse Relocation: Moving to a new Warehouse

This project plan covers a complete warehouse move (relocation) where a company is taking all its inventory and equipment into a new (typically larger) facility. Built by a logistics operations expert who has done four large-scale warehouse transitions with minimal downtime.

Available via instant download!

Warehouse Management System (WMS) Rollout Playbook

A step-by-step playbook covering the essential steps for a Warehouse Management System (WMS) rollout from initiation to go-live. Built with a team of Logistics and WMS specialists, this playbook gives you detailed questions to identify the business requirements and recommended steps to mitigate key risks and avoid common pitfalls.

Available via instant download!

Wireless Refresh (Upgrade)

I have been working with a wonderful network engineer to build a general playbook for a typical Wireless Refresh (Upgrade) Project. If you are considering to upgrade the wireless equipment for your organization to meet new performance needs, this project plan will be for you.

Available via instant download!

SAP Business One Implementation

Together with other SAP experts, I have create a new project plan (playbook) for a SAP Business One implementation. It covers the entire project cycle from project initiation to business blueprinting (i.e. requirements definition) to tests and golive.

Available via instant download!

Oracle Cloud ERP Implementation Playbook

I worked with an Oracle ERP consultant to build a new playbook for an Oracle Cloud ERP / Oracle Fusion ERP implementations. It covers the entire project cycle from project initiation to business blueprinting (i.e. requirements definition) to tests and golive.

Available via instant download!

Launching "5S" in a Manufacturing

The “5S in Manufacturing Launch Kit” contains everything you need to launch the lean 5S philosophy in your manufacturing environment: You will get a step-by-step playbook outlining the recommended actions to launch the initiative, a 5s Audit Checklist with 37 questions and additional useful templates.

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Setting up a Warehouse Distribution Center

The Distribution Center Playbook provides you with a roadmap for introducing a more regionalized approach to your company’s distribution and storage of goods.

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3PL Implementation: Shifting order fulfillment and stock management to a 3PL

Are you planning to hire a 3PL logistics provider to handle the stock management and order fulfillment for you? Integrating your processes with a 3PL is a complex undertaking. This playbooks created by a 3PL Logistics Specialist breaks down the integration process into clear phases and actionable steps.

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Project Playbooks: Quick Facts

  • Each project plan and playbook is built by a specialist with hands-on experience and a proven track record of delivering successful projects in the particular area.
  • The plans provide you with a detailed breakdown of the necessary steps
  • The format of the project plans is Microsoft Excel
  • All plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you did not find what you were looking for, we are happy to return your investment within 30 days after your purchase.

Couldn't find the project plan you need?

I’m continuously building more sample project plans. If you could not find a plan for your project, let me know what you need using the survey form below (You are not obliged to purchase the plan, I’m just looking for feedback)