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Don't miss any step: This project plan created by a logistics specialist provides you with a foundation and playbook for your warehouse setup project.

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The Warehouse Setup Playbook

Are you leading the efforts for establishing a new warehouse for your company? One that will meet the future capacity needs of your organization? Then this project plan is for you. It provides you with the key steps to be taken and the important questions that must be answered.

The Warehouse Setup Project Plan includes 3 Excel documents.

Areas covered:

This plan includes detailed steps for the following work packages/project phases:

  • Project Initiation: During the initiation phase, your main focus should be on refining the project goal, assembling the project team, defining the warehouse requirements (both strategic as well as operational requirements such as space, loading/unloading facilities) and profiling your current product portfolio and inventory.
  • Warehouse Planning: This project phase includes all activities you must perform to end up with a warehouse setup that meets your current and future capacity and process needs. Activities include designing the warehouse layout, selection of the WMS (warehouse management system), specifying the racking system, utilities planning and more.
  • Execution Phase: This phase of the warehouse setup plan covers the actual implementation and setup of the warehouse: Gathering of the necessary permits and other paperwork, setup of equipment including racking systems, hiring and training of personnel, definition of operating procedures and the build-up your product inventory.
  • Evaluation: The project plan closes with steps to evaluate the effectiveness of the project and to identify potential process improvements that can be implemented in the short and long term.

What you will get

You will not just get a project plan. You will get all of the following materials with one purchase:

Warehouse Setup Playbook

The playbook shows you the recommended process for this type of logistics project. It lists the project phases along with the specific activities to be performed and deliverables to be created along the way. To give you a better understanding of the dependencies, we have also listed the prerequisites for each activity.

Sample item from the playbook: During project initiation, you will have to do a product and inventory profiling. This involves profiling of products based on their classification, dimension and weight. The prerequisite for this step: Product Master list, historical volume of data on sales, historical volume of products for inbound and outbound. This activity should be handled by your Inventory Management responsible.

UPDATE: The Warehouse Setup Playbook now also lists the relevant group you need to involve for each activity. For example, Warehouse Operations, Inventory Management, Safety Officer or your Management

Warehouse Setup Project Plan (Gantt View)

This is a Gantt View of the playbook in spreadsheet format, with all high-level and detailed steps in sequential order. You can use it as a template for your project and extend it with the steps specific to your scenario. This Excel-based schedule with its weekly layout has served me well in my projects, because it’s both easy to share and easy to understand. You can manage the entire warehouse setup project in Excel and without having to wrestle with MS Project …

Warehouse Layout Checklist

The warehouse layout is the essential deliverable and key document that must be created as part of the warehouse project. The warehouse layout determines the performance and reliability of the facility and its processes.

To assist you in coming up with a suitable warehouse layout, we have also included a Warehouse Layout Checklist. It lists and explains the factors and parameters you need to take into account for a good layout.

Relocating your warehouse?

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