Project Management Coaching with Adrian Neumeyer

Do you want me to help you boost your project management and leadership skills? I offer 1:1 project management coaching for ambitious individuals who enjoy learning and who are committed to personal growth.

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Why PM Coaching?

Project management is not a skill you can learn from a textbook. You actually have to PRACTICE it. But then the problem with pure practicing is: without any guidance, you might likely struggle, focus on the wrong things and your project can get off track quickly.

Coaching is a great way to build your PM skills because it is centered around your actual work. This means in a coaching session with me, we will look at the specific issues and questions you are facing in your projects at the moment. And through conversations, we will brainstorm potential solutions that you can implement. Coaching calls will not only give you helpful answers to your most burning questions. You will also hone your problem-solving skills and learn how to think like a project manager

Hi, I'm Adrian Neumeyer

I’m a former Senior IT Project Manager and the founder of Tactical Project Manager. I have managed projects for over 10 years as a corporate project manager in global companies such as Bosch and HILTI. Mostly projects at the intersection of IT and business with multi-million dollar budgets and international teams located on multiple continents. My project portfolio includes ERP rollouts, warehouse system implementations, financial accounting, security/compliance and document management projects.

Adrian Project Management Coaching
Adrian Neumeyer

Coaching sessions

Coaching sessions will be tailored to your specific needs and goals. We can do a single session or you can work with me on a continuous basis, for example having a weekly 1-hour call via Zoom where we discuss your questions.

Examples of areas we can work on together:

  • Your leadership skills & leading your team
  • Making sure work gets done on time
  • Dealing with unforeseen issues
  • Your systems & increasing productivity (organization, documentation)
  • Improving stakeholder engagement
  • Communication skills
  • Approaching risks
  • Mindset
Picture of me in a project management coaching session with one of my students
It has become so easy to connect with each other! Isn't that great?

Do any of these thoughts sound familiar?

Some of the topics we talk about in my coaching sessions

These are some of the typical topics we talk about in the 1:1 sessions.

My approach to project management

I take a very practical approach to things, always relying on common sense, my own experience and a deep understanding of how human beings behave in team settings (psychology). When it comes to the formal side and project documentation, I follow the rule: ‘As little as possible, as much as needed’. I also put great emphasis on building a great team and fostering a culture where people automatically strive to give their best. This will not only make your project more successful. You’ll also have to worry less about micro-managing every step.

What my coaching clients are saying

„In just a few short months of working with Adrian, I have experienced what I can only describe as a sense of peace and confidence. I now feel confident that I have someone on my side, and I can handle any work situation because no matter what the situation is Adrian will have an answer and solution for me. The leadership, people and project management insights, tips and tools that he has shared have enabled me to overcome "I don't what to do next" feelings, and I am greatly thankful for that. Adrian is very flexible, helpful in every way and one of the best decisions I ever made was to Whatsapp him in Feb 22.“

"Now I am able to relate: 'Ok, why did this happen? This is the reason'. I am putting the controls in place, and I will not repeat my mistakes again"

How You Can Benefit From Coaching

  • You’ll feel more in control of your project
  • You will develop a strong ‘leader mindset’. With this mindset, you’ll approach problems confidently on your own, make tough decisions without doubting yourself and always maintain a great relationship with your team members and stakeholders.
  • Your level of confidence will go up and you’ll enjoy taking on more responsibility

Get in touch with me

Are you interested in working with me? Let’s have a quick call to talk about your needs and I’ll give you more details about the coaching program. You can contact me here.