What Tactical Project Manager is About

Hi! My name is Adrian and I’m an IT project manager.

Do you sometimes ask yourself questions like these?

  • “I never know if I’m doing it right or not. What should I focus on?”
  • “All the weight is on my shoulders. How can I tackle my new project?”
  • “I have to talk to so many people! How can I overcome my communication struggles?”

Then you’ve come to the right place.

This is what you’ll find on TacticalProjectManager

  • Guides on how to run a project from start to finish
  • Tips on how to improve your communication style
  • Tips on how to influence people (and get them do the work you expect)
  • Lots of hacks from 10 years of project management experience

Read what others are saying about the blog

“I’m undertaking PM part time as one of my roles at work and was in search for help. So far your site has been brilliant!”

“I like how you make managing a project so clear and concise.”

“Your project plan template is fantastic!”

“This is exactly what I was looking for! I just subscribed to your list.”

About me

Here’s my story: I started out as an IT project manager 10 years ago. Like most of you, I had no one to ask for help. Work felt like a huge burden because I didn’t know how to prioritize things. And I was terrified of talking to people. But despite my initial challenges I stuck with project management. You want to know why?

Being in control felt awesome. And I felt the challenge would make me a better, more resilient person. The decision paid off. I built the reputation of an excellent PM. And people enjoyed working with me.

Why did I start tacticalprojectmanager.com? I wanted people like you go through the same success story. To give you the experience of being in control. In control of your project. But also in control of your life.

To be a leader.

Thanks for stopping by!

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