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On Tactical Project Manager you can find practical advice and resources to help you successfully manage projects in the real world. I launched the site in 2017 because I couldn’t find any useful PM content on the web. It was just old men in suits talking about theoretical and bureaucratic concepts where they didn’t explain how you should implement all that nonsense.

Tactical Project Manager is very different.

We take a very practical look at project management, and you’ll learn strategies and tactics that actually work in the real world.

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Hi, I'm Adrian!

I recorded a short welcome video for you!

I’ve worked as a project manager for over 10 years, where I led big projects for well-known global businesses.

In 2017 I started Tactical Project Manager because I could not find any good PM training material on the web.

I’m excited to help you grow your project management skills and make you a great leader!

What You Can Find On Tactical Project Manager

The Blog

The blog contains hundreds of FREE articles covering the whole range of areas. Whether you want to learn about planning, project budgeting, dealing with risks or improving your communication — we got you covered! Some articles to get you started:

Project templates

They were designed by project managers for project managers: Our project management templates have become very popular among project professionals and PMOs. They have a clear structure and are easy to use. Whether you want to record pending tasks, plan and track project costs or share status updates with your management team – we have the right template for you! Browse all templates or get our Project Template Pack.

Online courses

I am continuously building new, super-practical online courses on various topics within project management. Current courses include:

Real-World Project Management

See how I manage the critical steps in a project: from clarifying requirements to building trust with stakeholders, creating a winning team to keeping the project on track and closing the project on time and within budget! We go through the whole project cycle. This is an online course packed with practical tips and hacks from 10 years of project management work. I’ll share lots of examples and stories and I have included some templates as well.

Managing a Project Budget

A quick introduction to project budgeting for those of you who have not yet managed budgets. We’ll look at the cost types that go into a budget, how to set up a budget and get it approved. I’ll also show you how I keep track of actual costs, always ensuring we stay within budget!

Your Move Into Project Management

If you have decided you want to get into project management budget but don’t know how to accomplish the move, this course is exactly for you. I’ll show you how you can leverage your existing skills and experience, how to build a compelling resume and how to connect with hiring managers and recruiters in order to land an exciting PM role.

Excellent Steering Committee Meetings

With this mini-course, I’ll show you how to prepare and run a steering committee meeting! We cover agenda, communication strategy, slide content, meeting preparation and more! I will walk you through my slide deck and you will be ready in one hour (included: Sample PowerPoint deck)

Microsoft Project Training

Want to get started with MS Project fast? Without going through hundreds of Youtube videos? Then you will find our e-book, The 80/20 Guide to Microsoft Project helpful. It is one of the most practical and easy to understand reference guides you can get.

If you are working in construction, you may want to use Earned Value Management (EVM) to communicate your project’s progress. Our Guide to Earned Value Management with Microsoft Project shows you how to calculate Earned Value metrics and display the EV graph in Microsoft Project.