Resources for Project Managers

Welcome the products section! Here you can find products and courses to help you grow your skills and manage your project work.

Here you can find:

Project Templates for Microsoft Office

Project Template Pack

The complete set of documents I’ve used in my projects — and all my projects were completed in time and budget. Readers found these templates to be real lifesavers!

What templates are included? The project timeline (Gantt chart), the highly praised budgeting form for estimating and tracking actuals, my to-do list, RAID template, risk log, project charter and more. Click the link to learn more about the templates.

I only need a specific template (click to browse all templates)


Project Startup Checklist

Planning a new project is hard. Lots of things you have to take care of, and your name is on the line. So you want to do it right without wasting time. The project startup checklist walks you through every step of setting up a new project.

PMO Launch Checklist

My PMO Launch checklist takes you through the steps for defining a standard process for project delivery and setting up a PMO: Performing an as-is-analysis of the current process, choosing suitable governance measures for projects, training, staffing etc.!

Excel Tools

Automated Resource Planner

Main screen resource planner

Easily plan the workload of a team contributing to multiple projects. This Excel-based tool has become the go-to solution for project managers and team managers who need to develop solid resource plans and avoid resource conflicts. For a one-time payment, you are getting a proven resource management tool that is used by thousands of companies.

Excel 1-Click Planner Generator

The Excel Timeline Generator generates appealing project timelines in seconds. All you need is Excel as a desktop installation.

Enter a desired start date and the tool will generate a complete, perfectly styled planner sheet (or calendar) for you. Planner sheets can be used to build project timelines, set up budgets or create other Excel forms. Create daily, weekly or monthly planner sheets automatically, with the click of a button. Go check out this time-saving tool.

Online Courses

Real-World Project Management

A super practical project management course where I walk you through the key steps for setting up and managing a project successfully.

If you are in the early stages of your PM career, the course will help you improve your processes and become 10x effective.

As an experienced project leader, you will find many ‘nuggets’ in the course that help you take your leadership skills to the next level.

Your Move Into Project Management

In this online course I’ll show you how you can break into project management and start an exciting new career in this field.

My goal is to help you leverage your existing skills and experience so that you don’t have to wait years until you become a project manager. I’ll also share some unique tips on promoting yourself and reaching out to hiring managers and recruiters.

Managing a Project Budget

Do you want to take on more responsibility and manage bigger projects? Then you must learn how to manage the costs in a projects.

My video course will get up to speed quickly, so that you can manage a budget. You will see lots of examples (with screenshots) on how to prepare and present your budget. In addition, you will learn tips on how to stay in budget.

Project Playbooks & Reference Project Plans

Browse Project Playbooks

Project Playbooks and Reference Project Plans provide you an overview of necessary action steps for particular common project types in an easy-to-use Excel format. The playbooks and plans are build by industry specialists who have successfully managed multiple such projects.

Your benefit: When launching a new project in one of the areas covered, you don’t have to start from zero! You just download the appropriate playbook and already have a pretty good process to follow.


The Ultimate Guide to Project Management (FREE)

Are you new to project management? Then you might find this helpful. My ebook, the Ultimate Guide to Project Management shows you all the steps to start your project successfully. The great thing is that it’s absolutely free and you can download it here.

Here’s what you’ll find in the guide: How to start your new project, creating a solid project plan, estimating effort, communication tips, team building – and a lot more

The 80/20 Guide To Microsoft Project

My e-Book shows you how to use Microsoft Project in real-life projects. From connecting tasks using dependencies, adding constraints, planning a budget, using resources to ongoing activities like tracking effort and costs and reporting. Straight to the point, easy to understand. No experience required!

The Underdog's Guide to Project Management Interviews

This practical 50-page guide shows you how to answer the most commonly asked interview questions during project management job interviews. We have included step-by-step answer instructions as well as real-life sample answers. Ace your next project management interview and land your dream job! Bonus content: How to easily make your CV more compelling and get through the application filter system!

Earned Value Management (EVM) with Microsoft Project

This practical 70-page guide shows you how to get started with Earned Value Management (EVM) in Project! Using examples from construction, we take you through the entire process: Configuring Project for EVM, setting up resources, adding dependencies, adding costs and tracking the project. Then we calculate the EVM metrics and display those in easy-to-understand graphs that can be presented to a customer.