Resources and products

Welcome the Tactical Project Manager resources section. Here you find resources and products that help you improve your project management skills. You also find digital downloads like project templates and checklists.

Project Template Pack

The complete set of documents I’ve used in my projects — and all my projects were completed in time and budget. Readers found these templates to be real lifesavers!

What templates are included? The project timeline (Gantt chart), the highly praised budgeting form for estimating and tracking actuals, my to-do list, RAID template, risk log, project charter and more. Click the link to learn more about the templates.

Get the Project Template Pack

The 80/20 Guide to Microsoft Project

My new eBook shows you how to use MS Project in real-life projects. From entering tasks, using dependencies, planning a budget, using resources to ongoing activities like tracking effort and costs. Straight to the point, easy to understand. No experience required!

Get The 80/20 Guide to Microsoft Project

Project Budgeting Form for Excel

This is the Excel solution I use for estimating and tracking cost in my projects (IT projects in the 1-2 million $ range). It is also included in our Project Template Pack. Use the sheet to estimate labor cost, travel cost, material expenses and CapEx in a simple and transparent way.

Jessica, a project manager, recently write this about the sheet: “I planned out the budget for a very large project in about an hour. Normally this would have taken me all day”. This is the best proof that you are getting a great tool that will save you time. Note: You need to be familiar with Excel to use the sheet, in particular with formulas.

Get the project budgeting sheet

Project Startup Checklist

Planning a new project is hard. Lots of things you have to take care of, and your name is on the line. So you want to do it right without wasting time. The project startup checklist walks you through every step for setting up a new project.

Get the Project Startup Checklist

Ultimate Guide to Project Management

Are you new to project management? Then you might find this helpful. My ebook, the Ultimate Guide to Project Management shows you all the steps to start your project successfully. The great thing is that it’s absolutely free and you can download it here.

Here’s what you’ll find in the guide: How to start your new project, creating a solid project plan, estimating effort, communication tips, team building – and a lot more!

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Certification Preparation

If you are planning to take the PMP or CAPM exam, you want to choose a good preparation program that gets you “up to speed” so that you will pass the exam in the first attempt. Many readers of Tactical Project Manager have told me that they like Velociteach very much, a US-based training provider. Check out Velociteach’s online course program (this is an affiliate link, meaning I get a commission if you sign up for one of the programs)

Recommended books

This may be surprising to you: These books aren’t about project management. Why did I still list them? The “hard” PM skills area easy to learn. But to become a true leader you first have to work on your mindset and soft skills. These books help you to get there.

Steven Covey: The 7 habits of highly effective people

This book has changed my life. And it will change yours too. You will begin to think differently about your life goals, challenges, personal relationships and other areas. And you will become much more relaxed while taking huge steps forward. One concept that stood out for me was to begin with the end in mind. Ask yourself what do I want to achieve? and visualize the outcome. The interesting thing: once you become very clear about what you want to get out of life, you will see more opportunities. And you’ll actually accomplish things you never thought were possible. Grab the book here.

Dale Carnegie: How to win friends and influence people

You know what I enjoyed most about being a PM? It was the feedback I got from people who worked for me. At the end of a project somebody would come to me and say “Adrian, it was so great working with you! I want to be on your next project.” Today this sounds funny to me, because I wasn’t a people person when I was younger. But I put a lot of effort into developing my social skills. And being able to develop meaningful relationships and friendships with people was one important step.

Finish this book in one week. Then start implementing Carnegie’s tips, such as showing gratitude and saying “thank you” more often or calling people by their first name. The impact on your life will be massive. That’s because your success in life depends on your ability to build rapport with people and maintain strong relationships. You’ll be much more successful meeting influential people, getting your dream job or finding the love of your life.