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Hi there! Thanks so much for purchasing the templates! I am sure you’re going to find them helpful. These are the documents that I’ve been using for many years, and just like for me, they will be essential for your success at managing projects.

Adrian Neumeyer, Tactical Project Manager

Core templates

Project Timeline

You don’t need any complicated PM software for drawing your project schedule. You can do it all in Excel using my proven Gantt chart template. Enter phases, activities, milestones and responsibilities into the grid and start moving forward!


Image of timeline template that is included in the bundle.

Project Budget

I am proud to say that the budget template is one of the best budgeting sheets you will ever find. Users keep telling me how much they love it and how many hours it has saved them. Continuously improved over the years, it is now available to everyone. Here’s what the form can do for you:

  • Forecasting and actuals tracking
  • Separate sheets per category (labor, material, travel etc.)
  • Define cost rates for automatic calculation
  • Easy to use & customize
Overview of the Excel budgeting template

Risk Register

Understand the risks of your project, take appropriate measures and you have no reason to worry about failure! Focusing on the risks is crucial to bring a project to success. With my risk register, you can easily gather and qualify potential risks using impact and probability.

  • Use different risk categories
  • Assign impact and probability value
  • Calculate overall risk value
  • Define mitigating actions and risk owner

Action Item Tracker (To-do list)

The action item tracker is what you’ll use every day, so working with it should be fun. That’s been the goal when creating this tracking sheet. Enter tasks to be done, issues to be solved and assign a due date and responsible. Then, track the status using the color coded status field.

Project Charter

A project charter is like a contract between you and the client. Create a charter to ensure both of you have the same understanding of the project scope, organization, assumptions and everyone’s duties. I’ve added comments and examples to help you understand how to fill out each chapter.


Check out these additional templates

RAID Template

The RAID concept is used to capture risks, assumptions, issues and dependencies in projects. The template makes it very easy to keep track of those items and assign a criticality level (low, medium, high, critical) to every item.

RACI Chart

Create a RACI matrix to set clear responsibilities for you and the stakeholders involved in your project. The benefit is you will face less surprises down the line caused by unclear responsibilities.

Project Org Chart

Just because you know all the faces doesn’t mean everyone else knows who’s part of the project team. Create a simple org chart with this Powerpoint template so that people know who they have to talk to.

Stakeholder Analysis

Stakeholders aren’t always easy to manage because they want you to follow their rules. A stakeholder analysis using this template will give you a clearer picture of your stakeholder’s needs. And with a bit of influencing you can make them see things from your perspective.

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