A Proven Project Budget Template

COMPLETE YOUR COST estimate in 1 hour

Most templates on the Internet either can’t do what you want, or they are outrageously complicated to use. NOT THIS ONE. I created it out of frustration. It works great, and people love it …

What you can do with the template

  • Plan your project cost
  • Track actual expenditures
  • Compare planned vs. actual cost
  • Create visual reports easily

For all your budgeting needs

  • General project budgets
  • Cost estimates for client projects
  • Operational budgets
  • IT project budgets
  • Academic budgets and more

Simple but powerful

  • Per-month data entry
  • Forecast and actual cost tracking
  • Two full years covered. You can easily add more years if you know a bit about Excel.
  • Separate sheets for different cost types: labor, material, travel, investments (CapEx) and other cost types
  • Automate calculations by defining standard cost rates
Overview of the Excel budgeting template

Your numbers are always accurate

The template allows you to define standard rates for resources used in the project.

For example, you can define labor cost rates:

1 day for a senior engineer costs $600

You can also define rates for travel:

A return flight to Tokyo is $1,500

You can even define rates for material:

40 meters of wire costs $840

The benefit? Less manual work because you only have to maintain prices once. The calculation is done automatically. And you don’t have to worry about inconsistencies like using incorrect or old values (spares you the embarrassment of incorrect budget estimates).

Template overview

Cost summary sheet: Total project cost is summed up here
Project cost summary
Enter the estimated effort for your team. You can track actual effort in the adjacent columns.
Enter labor effort into the project budget template
The template automatically calculates the labor cost using the daily rates you have entered.
The project budget template automatically calculates the labor cost (using default rates)
Travel-related cost go into a separate sheet
Here's where travel expenses can be tracked
Sheet for capital expenditures (depreciation)
Any other cost (like material cost) can go into this sheet:
screenshot of the other cost tab in the project budget template

Very easy to use - you can start right away

Used by top organizations worldwide

My promise to you

My goal is to provide you with the best tools to help you succeed in your job. If you feel the template is not what you were looking for, I am happy to refund you the money within 30 days after the purchase. Just contact me.

“I planned out the budget for a very large project in about an hour. Normally this would have taken me all day”

Jessica B.

Get the Budgeting Template

Budget Template for Excel

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About me

Hi there, I’m Adrian — Project Manager and CEO of Tactical Project Manager. I always had to create large budgets for my projects and this was a big pain. I remember spending an entire weekend fixing a broken Excel. Eventually, I decided to create my own template and it solved all my problems. You can find it here. This template has become a star in the project management world and it is used by thousands of companies worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the template come with instructions?


In the first tab of the template, you’ll find a brief description of how to use the template.

Please also watch the video that I’ve put on this page.

Do you also have a version for Google Sheets/G Suite?

Yes. The project budget template is also available for Google Sheets/G Suite. Please email me if you are interested.


What if I have a question about the template?

Send me an email: adrian@tacticalprojectmanager.com

Looking for a another project budgeting template?

Is this budget template not what you were looking for? If so, let me know what you need. I’m continuously developing new templates.