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Are you a project management professional and do you enjoy sharing your ideas and insights with other people? Then you might consider writing for Tactical Project Manager. Start with a first article and see if you enjoy the process! Of course you can also contribute on a regular basis.

You don’t have to be a trained writer. What matters is that you have practical experience in leading projects or managing a PMO and enjoy sharing your ideas. You should have a unique perspective on your field of work and of course be passionate about what you do. We can help you with the fine-tuning and editing of the article and we have the resources to support you.

What’s in it for you?

  • You’ll get visibility: Tactical Project Manager is a highly regarded website, both among project professionals and companies globally. More than 100.000 professionals visit our site every month, with numbers growing rapidly.
  • You can make an impact: At Tactical Project Manager, our vision is to help people manage their projects successfully and achieve the desired objective. You can teach people how to become better. And any ideas you share on our blog quickly get traction and get implemented.
  • You can discover new opportunities: Whatever piece you are writing for us, it will be published under your name. This will position you as an expert in whatever field, method or topic you are covering in your articles. This way you can win consulting gigs or speaking opportunities, if this is something you want to pursue.

What could you write about?

If you already have a topic in mind, that’s great! We can refine the idea so that your article will get maximum attention and provide the most value to the readers. If you don’t have a specific idea yet — no problem. Let’s talk and see what could be a first topic you could cover in a blog article.

To give you an idea of the kind of content we are looking for:

  • We are trying to provide more industry-specific content about fields such as IT, software development, engineering, construction, R&D, pharmaceuticals, education and other fields. If you can share your experiences of how project management in done in these (or other) areas, we should absolutely talk!
  • Setting up and managing a PMO: This is an area which is not well-covered in the Web, so we want to provide valuable and practical articles that help organizations in managing their project portfolio and ensure the value contribution of projects. If you want to share your tips and tricks around PMO work, please get in touch!
  • Agile has become quite a hyped topic, but the agile way of working has many benefits, and businesses need to become more agile if they want to stay competitive. The question is: How can organizations make the leap from their accustomed “way of doing things” to a more collaborative and agile culture. If you have first-hand experience implementing agile methods in your organization, we’d be excited to hear about your experience!

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