The MBA student who proved his project management skills in an amazing side project

There’s something I noticed about the best project managers.

They are driven to help others and to make the world a better place.

I know this sounds very pathetic, but this is the realization I came to after having spoken to many of you over the last months.

My guest in this interview is a perfect example.

Although he is not a project manager yet, you can clearly tell he’ll leave his mark on the world.

Let me introduce you to Priyesh Pathak.

Priyesh came to Germany in 2017 to do his MBA here at the European Business School, one of the top schools in Germany (ranked #12 worldwide for MBA programs).

He is orginally from India where he gained vast experience in IT working as a business analyst for Deloitte.

Here’s what we talk about in the video:

  • Priyesh’s background (0:46)
  • What aspects of their job project managers should REALLY be focusing on (8:19)
  • Why project management is a great career choice (8:35)
  • A highly successful side project he started in his home town (9:34)

While still in India, Priyesh witnessed the negative consequences that excessive waste had on his city. He quickly decided that this was his opportunity to make an impact.

Not being discouraged by the lack of support from local authorities, he gathered a team of friends, organized the necessary funding and started a project to introduce a system for waste collection in his neighborhood.

The project grew into big success and lead to a significant reduction of pollution. That’s what education is for, as Priyesh shares his view of the purpose of education. I couldn’t agree more.

Priyesh is about to finish his MBA program in May 2018 and is looking for a challenging role as a project manager at a German company.

You can connect with Priyesh on LinkedIn:

Do you see any similarities between you and Priyesh?

Tell me in the comments!

Adrian Neumeyer

Hi! I'm Adrian, founder of Tactical Project Manager. I created the site to help you bring your projects to success. In the past I've worked as an IT project manager for 10 years.

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  1. Hello;
    Thanks for sharing this interview
    Firstly – Priyesh has got a nice background to be a very good Project Manager. He has got a very nice mindset, and for me it seems that He is a person with Passion to be a Project Manager. I think this is a key to achieve the success. For me PM have to address positive mindset to the team – PM is the creator of the mindset in the team. This is very hard topic, especially if there’s something wrong with the project or there is a lot of pressure from the top management. Also we have to remember that we can’t cover our team and all issues on our shoulders. Project Manager has to address pressure in positive way. Believe me I know how hard it is. Dealing with the people is the key. My feeling is that sometimes PM has to be “politician” – I will keep that statement without further comments 🙂
    I agree that being PM in a different branches is the same story. The task is the same – create good team, manage the time, tasks, budget… One person cannot be a specialist in everything. PM has to coach the team and in the same time learn from them about specific branch topics – you have to be sure that you are talking the same language that they do.
    Being PM is very demanding and complex, but in the end can give a lot of satisfaction.
    Thanks once again and Best Regards for You Guys.


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