Microsoft Project Practice Worksheets

The best way to familiarize yourself with Microsoft Project is through intensive practice. Boost your MS Project skills using our practice worksheets which you can download here.

Here you can get Microsoft Project Exercise Sheets in PDF format

What are these practice worksheets?

The worksheets come in PDF format. Each worksheet covers one specific feature or process within Microsoft Project. This makes the exercises easy to follow, and you will quickly achieve visible results without being overwhelmed. After having completed an exercise, you will understand how to use the specific feature or process.

Who are the worksheets for?

Anybody who wants to learn Microsoft Project for practical usage:

  • Project planners in construction or other domains
  • Project managers
  • College/university students
  • Instructors teaching Microsoft Project classes

What version of Microsoft Project do you need?

Exercises are based on Microsoft Project 2019 Professional. To go through all exercises, you need at least Microsoft Project 2016 Professional (although screens may vary slightly).

Available worksheets

Currently, the following exercise sheets are available:

  • Sheet 1: Basic settings, creating a project
  • Sheet 2: Adding tasks, creating the WBS
  • Sheet 3: Dependencies and constraints
  • Sheet 4: Outlining tasks / Using summary tasks
  • Sheet 5: Using columns, styling the Gantt chart
  • Sheet 6: Creating resources
  • Sheet 7: Entering standard rates, assigning resources
  • Sheet 8: Creating custom calendars and working hours
  • Sheet 9: Creating the baseline and tracking progress
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Overview of Microsoft Project Exercise Sheets (PDF)

Sample worksheet

This is what the worksheets look like (click to enlarge):

Microsoft Project Exercise Sheet in PDF format (example)
Microsoft Project Exercise Sheet: Sample Page

Fees and licensing

You can get all worksheets for $15 (personal use) and $30 (academic/classroom use).

The academic license enables you to use the worksheets in all your classes.

Get the Microsoft Project Exercise Worksheets!

12 worksheets in PDF format for practicing Microsoft Project. Includes all worksheets listed above.

Personal license

  • 9 worksheets (PDF)
  • for Microsoft Project

Classroom license

  • 9 worksheets (PDF)
  • for Microsoft Project
  • share with your students

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Adrian Neumeyer, former Senior IT Project Manager and Founder of Tactical Project Manager