New Online Course: How To Perform Steering Committee Updates

Hey there! Just wanted to let you know I just published a new online course.

It teaches you everything you need to know about giving steering committee updates.

As a corporate project manager, I was always involved with steering committees, and I have hosted dozens (if not hundreds) of steering committee meetings. Usually with a high-profile audience that included board members and other top executives.

Most of the time I had only good news to share.

Those meetings were easy!

But occasionally I had to deliver bad news …

These were the days when I skipped breakfast 🙂

Despite the ups and downs in our projects, I always managed to maintain a very good working relationship with my committee members, based on trust and where I could always count on the committee member’s support.

So, long story short: I can give you a pretty good overview of what you need to do to give an accurate and compelling project update to your steering committee — in an executive-friendly way.

Want to learn how?

Here is my new course, Excellent Steering Committee Meetings:



  • Adrian Neumeyer

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