How organized are you? Take 5 minutes for a brutally honest self-evaluation

One week ago I asked the readers of What do you want to become better at with regards to managing projects? As it turned out, many of you weren’t so happy with their level of self-organization. Some of the comments I received:
  • “I struggle with organizing all the tasks”
  • “I sometimes fall behind on work”
  • “I want to be more organized with my work space”
  • “I’m looking for a way to make it easy to remember every detail so that my project succeeds”
The thing is, building up a system for managing project work takes time. And you need to know what a systematic approach looks like. I could write about a lot of things on getting organized. But without knowing what systems you already have in place, this wouldn’t make much sense. So, I’m playing the ball back to you.

Here’s a 5 minute self-assessement

Go through the following list. Check which of these points you have already implemented. (You don’t have to send me your feedback although I always enjoy hearing from you.) Which of these statements applies to you?
  1. I have a contact list for my project team (name, email, phone no.). No more than 2 clicks away or in printed form.
  2. I have a list of all action items (tasks, deliverables) incl. deadline and responsible.
  3. I know which of these action items are critical for the success of my project.
  4. I have a printout of the project plan next to my desk (download my project plan template here)
  5. I know exactly what each of my team members are doing this week.
  6. Project documents are stored in a shared drive, using a clear folder structure (and I’m not the only one using that folder).
  7. If I’m looking for a specific e-mail, I’m able to find it in less than 5 minutes.
  8. I have a 3-5 page PowerPoint explaining what my project is about, incl. project goal, timeline and project organization (helpful for onboarding new team members).
  9. I write the meeting minutes for every meeting (or have somebody write them). And the minutes are actually useful to read.
  10. I am using pre-defined templates for things like meeting minutes or product/project requirements. And everyone in my team uses these templates.
  11. You know exactly how much project budget is left.
  12. I know when my team members are on holiday so that I can plan properly.
How did it go? Which of the things have you NOT implemented yet. And why? Share your result in the comments below. Adrian


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