Project Manager Evaluation Form

As project managers, we have to serve the interests of a wide range of people, including our team, our customers and sponsors, internal and external stakeholders and other groups. This makes it a juggling act because often, the various expectations can be in conflict with each other.

As good project leaders however should be able to balance the needs of the project participants and drive the project forward as a whole, while ensuring the all milestones are reached. This requires a unique combination of skills (I call it the Project Manager Skill Stack), including communication, organizational and leadership skills.

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But how do we know if we have done a good job? Delivering a project successfully is more than just hitting the milestones and staying within budget. We need to assess all the factors, including communication and team skills!

A great way to judge the performance of a project manager is to ask the project participants for feedback: How would you rate the performance of your project leader? The easiest way to collect this feedback is by using a PM Evaluation Sheet.

Here you can find the project manager evaluation form I use.

My Project Manager Evaluation Sheet

The sheet covers a wide range of questions from all relevant areas and skills which customers are looking for, including:

  • communication skills
  • leadership skills
  • general professional qualities (e.g. timeliness)
  • organizational and planning skills
It also allows the project leader to evaluate him or herself and the self-assessment is taken into consideration for the overall scoring (however with a lower weighting). There is also a field where the PM’s manager can enter his feedback.
This Project Manager Evaluation Form for Excel can be downloaded here
The Project Manager Evaluation Form covers a range of criteria relevant for the assessment of project leaders - including soft-skills like diplomacy and integrity!

"It's the soft-skills that set apart good from bad project managers. You need to include them in your evaluation! My evaluation form already covers these soft factors like diplomacy, the ability to communicate well and to provide encouragement and motivation to team members - in addition to the hard PM skills!"

How to use the Evaluation Form

Share the Excel-based evaluation sheet with everybody you want to get feedback from: First and foremost the customer and sponsor of the project as well as key stakeholders. If there was a co-project manager on the client side, his or her feedback would also be very valuable.

The evaluation factors must be rated using the following scoring: 100 – excellent performance (above expectations), 75 = good job, 50 = could have been done better, 25 = weak, 0 = very weak.

The covered areas such as communication are scored separately, and each area is included using a weighting, with communication and leadership skills having the greatest weight (they are the most critical skills).

The form is very easy to use, you can just send it to the client!

You can download the evaluation sheet here.

Get the Project Manager Evaluation Form

  • Covers leadership, communication and project management skills as well as general professional qualities such as timeliness and friendliness
  • For individual assessment of project managers
  • Format: Microsoft Excel
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