Need a project action item tracker? Here’s a good one

How do you keep your project on track?

You diligently track the work of your team and make sure tasks get completed on time.

My action tracker template helps you make the process as easy as possible. Just put down every task or issue, no matter how big or small. Enter a due date and responsible and that’s it! This is what project management is about. Controlling the progress of tasks!

Excel for tracking project action items
The most important tool of a project manager!

The action tracker is part of our project template bundle:

Some comments on the columns so you understand their purpose:

phase: Helps you separate your action items by the project phase. If you don’t know what phases to use, read my article about the typical phases in a project. Generally I follow the PMI project model (initiation, planning, execution, closing) or some form of that.

process: This allows you to distinguish items by business function, for example Sales, Marketing, Accounting and so on. Use any other classification that better fits your project environment.

entered by: You should track who requested the job. Suppose Roger from IT asked you to send him a list of users that need user accounts, then you need to remember to send that list back to Roger and not to somebody else.

task: Enter here the description of the task or the issue that should be tracked.

responsible: Who is going to work on the task? Enter the responsible here. And please …. ONLY ONE RESPONSIBLE! If you assign a task to a group of people, in 99% of cases it won’t get done because nobody feels responsible. Always nominate one responsible and his or her name into the tracking sheet.

See how I use the tracking sheet

I’ve recorded a short video to show you how I track project work. Watch it here.

Get the project action tracker

The action tracker is included in our template bundle which you can buy here:


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