Watch Me Schedule A Meeting With Executives

Whenever you have to schedule a meeting with top executives, things get VERY complicated:

  • You can’t see their calendar in Outlook (access is restricted)
  • You can’t talk to them directly (only to their assistant)
  • They are already booked out for most of the year from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm (I always wondered how these people actually live)

Therefore, scheduling a meeting series — let’s say for your steering board meetings — becomes a pain in the a**. And usually such meetings don’t just have two of these “elephants” attending, but often five or more.

Good luck finding a time slot that works for everybody!

But hey — you still have to invite for that meeting. Without skipping anyone. Because you need those folks to be in the meeting. For a decision or to listen to your update.

So, how can you solve the puzzle and find a common meeting time for all managers you’d like to invite?

Watch my latest video where I show you my process:

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