How Soft Skills Can Get You Your Dream Job

We’ve all heard about the importance of soft skills.

But what exactly are soft skills?

That’s what I’m uncovering in this insightful interview with Brazilian engineer and project manager Galiano Sebastiao.

Galiano started his career as a mechanical engineer in Brazil. Soon he recognized he had a talent and passion for solving difficult situations in a smart way: “I started dealing with bad information and knew how to work with my team to solve a problem and get the machine working again.”

That’s what project management is about: Solving problems.

The video is full of nuggets for everyone who wants to become a good project manager. Watch it here:

Here’s the outline of the video:

  • Introduction Galiano (0:00)
  • Why he quit is job in Brazil and moved to Europe (1:30)
  • How he got into project management (2:13)
  • How he recognized his talent for project management (3:27)
  • What helped him get his first project manager job (5:42)
  • Staying calm even if a project is in trouble (7:41)
  • Skills to focus on (8:23)
  • About getting nervous (9:42)

Galiano’s case is also a great example of how a general skill (project management) can open doors to great job opportunities. Although being an engineer by training, Galiano just landed a job as a project manager in the financial services industry!

Big thank you to Galiano for his contribution!


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