Simple project escalation matrix template to define escalation paths

“You should escalate this issue!”

“Yeah, but to whom?”

If that’s your response to the advice of your colleague, then you should be considering creating a project escalation matrix. I’ll show you what it looks like (and you can use my template).

By the way, I’ve written a long post about escalating project issues, and you should read it if you haven’t done so.

But first … what is an escalation matrix? An escalation matrix defines who you should notify on management level for various types of issues — resource shortages, technical issues, delivery problems etc. Defining an escalation path takes away the uncertainty about who to contact when you’re facing a big obstacle that management can potentially help you with.

Project escalation matrix template

The escalation matrix template contains two pieces of information: the person that should be notified and the type of problem that triggers the escalation. The persons are usually management level guys, either director level or C-suite level. Nothing below,  because team leaders or the like don’t have the same level of power.

This is what the escalation matrix template looks like
This is what the escalation matrix template looks like

Download escalation matrix template


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