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As project-driven businesses such as AMS.NET, this is how you want ALL your projects to be managed – according to this “success formula” that has been proven to work. All projects are unique, and there needs to be flexibility in how projects are executed, but it is important to keep core values and ideals in the forefront. If you have too much variation in the way projects are handled, and if the project success is very dependent on the individual being in charge, then it can be difficult to consistently deliver excellent projects for clients – a goal that the ambitious team of AMS.NET had set for the company.

Asking the CEO: ‘What do you expect from our PMO?’

On a deeper level, this meant to improve communication within the project team. We all know how challenging it can be to ensure everybody is kept in the loop and to make sure team members have up-to-date information to accomplish their work in the desired quality. But at the same time, a high level of communication among the project participants is critical for a project. Especially when projects are carried out at the client site, as is the case for AMS.NET.