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Never loose track of action items

In every project, dozens or even hundreds of action items have be tracked and worked on. In this video I share 3 things you can do so you don’t loose track of action items.

How soft skills can get you your dream job

Brazilian Engineer and project manager Galiano on how soft skills helped him get into project management and succeed in his job.


How to think like a project manager

In this video we explore how project managers evaluate what’s happening around them, how they make decisions, how they stay focused on how issues are resolved. Guest: Megan, project manager from Ohio / US.

Building trust in a project team

Originally we wanted to speak about managing remote teams only. The interview with senior IT project manager Ken however became a masterclass on building a winning team and leading a successful project.

The Tactical Project Manager project plan template

In this video I walk you through the project plan template: How to use it and how to tailor it to your needs.

Keeping track of action items

Hey there! I just recorded a short video to guide you through the spreadsheet I use to track action items. Watch the video here:

Project budgeting: How to set up a budget with my template

In this video you’ll learn how to use the project budgeting template in Excel. The template can be downloaded in the Templates section.

The daily routine of a project manager

Aspiring project managers often want to know what a project manager does every day. In this video I answer this question and I share with you how I structure my day from 8 am – 6 pm.