Meet the Team

Adrian Neumeyer

Founder and CEO

Adrian, founder of Tactical Project Manager, has a business & IT degree and has been managing large IT projects for 10 years. Some of his must fun projects were global system implementations in places such as Mexico, Turkey and India. Those were challenging projects but the team managed to complete them in time and budget!

His business Tactical Project Manager, which focuses on teaching project management in a very practical, real-world approach, has become very successful and more than 150’000 people visit the site every month.

Ken Tillery

Senior IT Project Manager and Contributor

Ken holds a Master of Science in Global Management and currently works as a Global Project Manager and has worked as a Global Service Delivery Manager. Ken spent the last 15 years leading globally dispersed teams with team members located in multiple countries. Has also given classes on how to deal with cultural differences and related issues when working with project teams with members located across borders and continents.