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Ultimate Guide to Project Management

Ultimate Guide to Project Management

The Ultimate Guide is a PDF packed with tips and examples to help you manage projects successfully. I cover all critical areas like your responsibility as a PM, project planning, delegation, communication and a lot more! Download the guide here.

Ultimate Guide to Project Management

The best project templates for you

Proven, easy-to-use templates that will work for any project!

Project plan for Excel

Simple project plan for Excel

My project plan is a simple column based template where you can ‘paint’ your project timeline using different colors. The great thing about it: it can easily be shared with other people as it requires Excel only. Read the guide on how to use the project plan template.

Project plan for Excel


To-do list for Excel

To-do list for project management

Whether you call it to-do list or open point list: it doesn’t matter. It’s your main file as a project manager. In this template you record all tasks that you and your team have to perform.

To-do-list for Excel


Project budget

project budget template

A generic budget template that can be used for any project — small or big. Plan and track labor cost, travel and other expenses and see your spending at one glance. I recommend you read the guide on how to use the budget template.

Project budget for Excel


Stakeholder matrix

Use the stakeholder analysis template to record your findings.

Make a stakeholder analysis at the start of your project. This way you know what people and departments to include in your project. This template helps you track your stakeholders. Use it also in communication with your steering board.

Stakeholder matrix for Excel



Risk analysis template

screenshot of the risk assessment template for Excel

If you know the biggest risks, you can prepare for them. Make a risk analysis for your project and track the biggest risks. It’s a great way to show management you understand your job.

Risk analysis template for Excel


Availability overview sheet

Absence tracking sheet

A challenge for any new project is the allocation of resources.  The people in your team won’t be able to dedicate 100% of their time to your project, as they have other commitments too. And sometimes people are off for holidays. How can you easily plan your activities?

The solution is to create an absence overview for your team. It allows you to see with one glance who is available on a specific day and who isn’t. Very useful for scheduling of workshops and other meetings!

Availability tracking sheet for Excel



Missing a template?

If you didn’t find the project management template you were looking for: Send me a note and I’ll see if I have something for you.

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